From Conception to Completion: Skull T-shirt Design

I figured I would post a t-shirt design I’ve been working on for a technical death metal band called Desecrate Ethereal. I started out with a sketch and then inked it. I wanted it to be graphic, menacing, and rotting. Next, I put the drawing in Photoshop and started coloring the skull and adding little…

Push the Boundaries

You know what I really love? Design that’s risky. Intuitive. Grungy. Controversial. Something that just hits people’s hearts in emotional ways. I love getting reactions out of people just by creating something that’s never been done before. I like taking risks. I like working to be the best. I like pushing myself to be even…

Concert Campaign

I created this poster and t-shirt for a band called Wolves at the Gate. I wanted to create vector artwork for the poster because it’s a popular style and it fits the target market of millennials. I wanted the graphic to catch the eye and that’s why I chose bright colors as well.

Poster Design

I created this poster for the play “The Great Gatsby.” I thought handdrawing the title would be a nice touch with the vector artwork. I wanted to go with a vintage look almost, so you’d be able to tell what it was about when you see it. I illustrated the characters and title and really…

You’re Perfect to Me

This was a late night sketch that just forced it’s way out of me. Pen and ink. Click here to buy a print of it.

Destruction of the Mind

This was based on thoughts I couldn’t get out of my head and just decided to pretty much put all of my sadness and passion into it. Used oil, acrylic, cardboard, and ink. Click here to buy a print of it.

100 Reasons Why I Love My Cat (7)

Reason number seven on why I love my cat: When she gets into places she shouldn’t be! I came home and saw this and just died of laughter!

100 Reasons Why I Love My Cat (6)

Reason number six on why I love my cat: Her cuddles against my pillow! She is always acting like a human when it comes to sleeping on a bed. 

100 Reasons Why I Love My Cat (5)

Reason number five on why I love my cat: Her fat butt always squishes me! She likes to lay beside me or on me like a parrot. If she does lay on me, it feels like a ton of bricks! She’s my little fat turkey ❤

100 Reasons Why I Love My Cat (4)

Reason number four on why I love my cat: Her teeny tiny ears! They are small compared to the rest of her body. I like to kiss them ❤

100 Reasons Why I Love My Cat (3)

Reason number three on why I love my cat: Her big fat belly! She lays like this all the time and I always pet her belly when she does. It’s the softest, fattest thing about her!