Razor’s Edge MX Website: From Conception to Completion

Since I had finished their branding, I felt they needed a new website… badly. Their old one was very outdated, broken, and it was very difficult to navigate and find what you’re looking for. I decided to research a little on what the competition’s websites looked like. They were organized, but very simple and had more of a fun look to them, rather than a professional look.

I decided to go with the theme behind the logo as it is serious and professional. I wanted to make it one page with smooth scrolling so the user could easily find what they’re looking for. I started out with their tagline on the header, then went to the USP’s of what they offer so they can stand out right away in people’s minds. Next, I went onto the gallery because people like seeing pictures of racetracks rather than just reading about it (it gives them better insight on how difficult or easy the track is to ride). After that, I wanted to show how Razor’s Edge MX came to be with a timeline of some history behind it. That shows they are family owned and really created the business because the owners have passion for the industry. Then I made a section for some necessary rules and paperwork called “Rules & Regulations.” There are direct links to PDF’s of rules, fees, and waiver of liabilities so people can get as much information as they need about the technical aspects of the business. The last section has a contact form, contact information, and a google maps link to make it easy for people to find the tracks. There are also social media links to YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook for recent photos, videos, and updates to keep people in the loop.

Overall, the website turned out very easy to use, and for the specific target market, organizes the information in a way they would want to see. The black and white from the branding is seen across the website, as well as the sans serif typeface. The navy blue comes from their old branding, so I thought that would be a good touch of color. It is responsive and looks great on the phone and tablet as well.

You can visit the finished site here: razorsedgemx.com





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