Controversial Art and the Real World

When something’s a part of you, who you are, you put an immense amount of effort into it, because you love it. That’s how I am with art. Any kind of art excites me. There’s a billion different ways to do it. There’s a billion different ways a person could perceive it. Many things I want to do with fine art, are things like performance art and art that’s in a gallery to really experience the message behind it. The road to getting there, being able to put your work in a gallery, I feel is hard; at least for me. Considering my fine art work is usually controversial or shocking, I feel it’s difficult to have a gallery owner want to put it up. It would be great to talk to someone that’s gone through something similar; you have to start somewhere right?

When you have a design career and reputation to worry about, how do you find the means of putting out your controversial art for people to see when it could reflect badly on you? This part of me will never die, and I’ll find a way eventually, but I want to hear from people like Marco Evaristti, who “drew attention to the number of daily road casualties in Bangkok via paintings that used materials and blood gathered at the scenes of accidents” (A. J. Samuels, That’s the kind of art that gets people to react and maybe even change their minds about the subject matter.

Mostly, I just want to share my passions, beliefs, and opinions with the world to help people. I hope one day I can make an impact on the world that really helps people see things in a different light, and show them that those things really mean the world to me.


Source taken from from an article called “The 10 Most Controversial Artists in the World,” by A. J. Samuels.



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