Work through the bad.

So, I’m naturally a perfectionist… and maybe a little OCD and crazy, but that’s besides the point. I realized that I really do love the process of creating artwork, but when I get frustrated or unhappy with my progress I seem to lose creativity. At that point it feels like the artwork makes itself (in the sense that I have no idea what I’m doing!) Sometimes I have creative blocks and those are absolutely horrible. It feels like my brain’s in a cage and can’t get out. I end up trying every little different thing to see if it works. It’s really time consuming and not the greatest way to go about doing things, but I feel like you have to push yourself harder when you get that way, because you become a better designer. You think more, condition yourself into problem solving faster, and learn new techniques along the way. And if you really dislike the piece you made, learn from it. Learn how to do better next time. Put together things that inspire you that you can reference; that always helps me.

When you create more, it really does make you more creative; at least for me that is. I’ve been noticing the past couple weeks that I can’t stop designing something. That’s all I do now. My job is super fun and I think that’s helped me to stay in a creative mindset. It’s taught me how to work faster, manage my time better, and way more ways to do typography. If you’re someone who gets creative blocks, I suggest maybe keeping a journal to sketch in once a day. It’ll get you into thinking creatively on a regular basis, and you might even come up with some really great ideas. Immerse yourself into the world of design. Think about it on a daily basis. Learn what great award winning design looks like and think about what you could do better.

So fight through the bad, the ugly, and the frustrations, because one day you’ll be able to design better, faster, and more often because you learned from your mistakes. I did!


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  1. Doug says:

    Very insightful!


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