From Conception to Completion: Ram Skull Concert Poster and T-shirt

I started out this design drawing with pencil and then put it in photoshop. I created this poster as a fun project and the guy in charge of the concert loved it so much he used it as the official poster for the show. Here’s my process:


Once I put it in Photoshop, I wanted it to look grungy and rough considering it’s for a concert. So, I went about the highlights and shadows really hard edged and sporadic. I added blood to tie the hand drawn text into the graphic. After that, of course, I added the band’s logos and the texture in the background. I threw together a quick logo for Sexually Aggressive Silverbacks, who didn’t have one before.


Once this was done, I talked to the vocalist of Desecrate Ethereal, Marcus Schwager, and the rest of the band, and they wanted the graphic made into t-shirts, so that’s what I did.

Link to the Facebook Event Page.

Links to Desecrate Ethereal’s social media:



Big Cartel Shop

This is the result: 2017-03-23 22-20-07


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